Musical polymath Damon Albarn will be basking in the glow of good reviews after his latest project, the opera Dr Dee, was warmly received at the Manchester International Festival.

'Fresh, original and heartfelt' said the Telegraph about the show, which tells the story of the 16th century scientist John Dee, before adding that it showcases Albarn's 'real gift for vocal writing.'

In a four star review, The Guardian noted the ex-Blur man's 'triumphant' finale, in which he takes centre stage for the last song.

The opera involves Albarn singing ten songs from atop a third-level platform, which comment on the events unfolding below him.

Dr Dee opened on July 1 and will finish its run at the Palace Theatre on Saturday (9 July).

It will then move down south to the National Opera House and is due to be part of the London 2012 Festival next summer.

Hopefully a new Blur album will be on the cards too. That Damon Albarn is a busy fellow and no mistakin'.

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