Remember when we reported about that new Justin Timberlake track? We hope so - it was yesterday. Well, we’re sorry to have got your hopes up, but it appears it’s all been a big hoax – the leaked track does not apparently feature our man afterall.

The song, called Take You Down, appeared online last week and sent aficionados of the SexyBack writer into a genuine frenzy (reports of fans foaming at the mouth are unconfirmed), but now the representative of the all-singing, all-acting star has revealed that it’s a sing-a-like, and not the real JT on the track.

The publicist told EW.com: ‘The song is the work of a Danish artist named Rasmus Thude. Justin’s representatives were not initially contacted to fact check the validity of these reports or if the song was, in fact, his. Justin has no involvement with either the song or the artist but wants to assure his fans that when he releases new music, they will be the first to know.’

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