Depeche Mode announce tour

Depeche Mode have come out of cold storage and are planning a new album and live dates for 2013. They announced a one-off show at London’s O2 Arena for May 28, as part of a 34-date European tour.

The band’s last album, Sounds Of The Universe, was released in 2009. The new album is scheduled for a spring 2013 release. Earlier this year, frontman Dave Gahan told Rolling Stone that the album was an attempt to explore new musical territory.

"It's a very different process from what it used to be," Gahan said. "You've got to put interesting people around you, you've got to work with people who are going to inspire you to take the songs you've written into a completely different direction, because there's nothing more boring than going to the studio and predictably knowing what is going to happen."

Although Ben Hillier is producing again, the album features some collaborations and input from new names as well as some production ideas devised by Martin Gore. "We’re working with people we haven’t worked with before," Gahan said, "but Martin is going to step up and get more involved. He has written some great songs and his production work has a real feel to it, so we’re going in well-armed."

While Depeche Mode were inactive, Gahan’s bandmate Gore revisited the earliest incarnation of the band by collaborating with original member Vince Clarke. Their album Ssss, released under the band name of VCMG, failed to match the success of Depeche Mode or Clarke’s other projects.

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