Desert Island Discs with Morrissey

Kirsty Young earned her BBC pay check on Sunday when she interviewed musical Manc legend Morrissey on the iconic Radio 4 programme ‘Desert Island Discs’.

In the candid interview, Moz revealed his favourite songs. These included the predictable New York Dolls, Velvet Undergound and The Stooges. More insightfully The Smiths singer admitted he had ‘contemplated suicide’ and considers people who do it as ‘honourable’.

The long running show asks its weekly guests what they would take with them if stranded on a desert island, including favourite songs, one luxury item (Moz said a bed) and one piece of literature (The Complete Oscar Wilde).

Check out Morrissey's tunage below:
New York Dolls — '(There’s Gonna Be A) Showdown'
Marianne Faithfull — 'Come And Stay With Me'
Ramones — 'Loudmouth'
The Velvet Underground — 'The Black Angel’s Death Song'
Klaus Nomi — 'Der Nussbaum – The Walnut Tree'
Nico — 'I’m Not Saying'
Iggy & The Stooges — 'Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell'
Mott The Hoople — 'Sea Diver'

Listen to the sweat drip from Kirsty's brow as Morrissey charms the pants off her here.

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