Diana Vickers + iTunes Festival = CONFIRMED

Can you guess the connection between the following artists: Ozzy Osbourne, Scissor Sisters, Tony Bennett, Kate Nash, Ellie Goulding, The xx, Faitless, Phoenix and now Diana Vickers? No, they didn’t all vote for the British National Party in the General Election (that we know of, anyway), they’re all playing this year’s iTunes Festival, YIPPEE!!!

If you haven’t heard about the festival here are the crunch facts & stats: 31 nights (over July), 62 bands, 1 venue (the Roundhouse in Camden, in London) and you need to apple for free tickets at itunesfestival.co.uk. Simple.

More acts will be drip fed to us in the coming days but as we stand here’s who we know are defos: Scissor Sisters (July 1) Tony Bennett (2) Ozzy Osbourne (3) Kate Nash, Darwin Deez (6) Ellie Goulding, Jamie Woon (8) The xx, Wild Beasts (12) Faithless, Chew Lips (14) Diana Vickers (28) Phoenix (30)

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