Dig out those ear plugs

If there was ever a reason to invest in a nice shiny new pair of earplugs, now would be it. Socialite to end all socialites Paris Hilton is about to re-embark on her stuttering pop career, and she’s investing in some much-needed singing lessons to boot.

The not-awaited follow up to her first dog of a record has been worked on for the past year, so expect to start hearing all kinds of nonsense about a ‘new direction’ soon.

‘Paris is preparing for album number two,’ said some PR to X17 Online. ‘She's super-excited about it and the stuff she's started working on sounds amazing!

‘There is no question she's going to have another hit off this album, just like Stars Are Blind was from the first one.’ Sorry, we don’t remember that one, could you sin... never mind.

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