Dinosaur Jr get funky

Grunge legends Dinosaur Jr are getting funky in their old age. That’s according to band leader J Mascis who says their new album is noticeably looser than the familiar Dinosaur sound.

The tenth Dinosaur Jr album I Bet On The Sky is released on September 17. "It's funky for us, but not that funky," Mascis told NME. "I like the first song Don't Pretend You Didn't Know the best, that’s one of the funkier numbers, it seemed to come together in a good way. There's a couple of songs with more of a groove, a little bit mellower, but there’s some heavier stuff on it too." Watch The Corners is a song written from the perspective of a vampire. "It seems hip at the moment," Mascis said. Well maybe a couple of years ago.

Mascis is still working with Sebadoh frontman Lou Barlow, although the pair’s on-off feuding has affected the Dinosaur Jr lineup over the years. This lineup reformed in 2005. Mascis thinks there is still plenty of life in the band. "It still feels like a day-by-day thing," he said, "you never know. I'm ready for it to stop at any moment."

He is happy to see the band attracting a new audience to live shows in addition to the hardcore following. "It's good to see there's a lot of younger people coming. I noticed people usually think the albums are better than they thought they would be. Some people have said this one reminded them of Where You Been, but I'm not sure."

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