Dion Dublin’s Dube

If this was April 1st you’d be forgiven that this was some sort of elaborate and mildly amusing practical joke, but it’s October and this is anything but a childish jape. Dion Dublin was a well known footballer back in the 90s having plied his trade at Aston Villa, Manchester United and for England’s national side but he’s now taken all of his experience of kicking a pig’s bladder on some turf and invented a musical instrument.

Called ‘The Dube’, this 'Dube' is like a box that doubles as a drum i.e. hit it, and it makes a noise. But what’s super cool about it is that a whole selection of credible musicians are praising this ‘Dube’. Names including Tim Westwood and Feeder and even Muse who are working on using ‘The Dube’ on their upcoming tour. Muse’s techy sound man Mark Carolan said; ‘I've been testing The Dube with Muse and Dion's done a fantastic job developing it – it truly is a complete instrument, so versatile’.

Still think it’s a hoax? Then see it’s inventor put ‘The Dube’ through it’s paces below...

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