Diplo accuses MIA of ‘glamorising terrorism’

DJ and music producer Diplo has made an acerbic attack on ex-girlfriend MIA in the guardian newspaper today (Friday).

Wesley Penz, better known as Diplo - who is also the star’s former producer - criticised the ‘Paper Planes’ singer of both opportunism and ‘glamorising terrorism’.

The couple found mainstream success with the infectiously catchy ‘Paper Planes’ which featured on the ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ soundtrack but they broke off their relationship shortly after. Whilst Sri-Lankan born MIA may be a huge name in the music world, her 2010 follow-up album ‘Maya’ has not built on her earlier success; Diplo claims that the album, which is packed with references to Sri Lankan terrorists, ‘left her open for attacks.’

He continued (with vitriol): ‘She's not an easy artist to criticise because she's very left-leaning, she's progressive, she's a woman. But when it comes to die-hard, facts-on-the-ground politics, she's at zero. She's nothing. I told her at the beginning of the third record, do not bring politics into this ... You just can't glamorise terrorism, it's not cool ... you can't hide behind that shit. But she totally did’.

And her ex-boyfriend isn’t the only one giving her a hard time. The New York Times writer Lynn Hirschberg infamously denounced the singer’s political rhetoric in an article which accused her of being a truffle-fry eating fake.

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