Panic over people, panic over! Everyone back to work, there’s nothing to see here! Move along now, move along, thank you. After yesterday’s (6 April) genuinely scary news that Bryan Ferry was admitted to hospital for a thorough medical examination (heart attack rumours) he’s now been discharged.

The 65 year old Roxy Music crooner fell seriously ill recently with an unknown illness and so on the safe side he checked in to a hospital to see what the problem was and now it looks like he’s back on his feet.

Releasing a statement to The Daily Mail, the singer’s publicist said;

'Bryan Ferry has left hospital following a 24-period of observation and tests. All is well and he will be touring his 'Olympia' solo album commencing April 19.’

Very good news, even if the statement has crow-barred in a plug for his current album.

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