Ditto gets back to singing

Beth Ditto has taken some time off from her multimedia career as Jean-Paul Gaultier model, TV personality and agony aunt with her own range of cosmetics to record a new album in her day job as singer of Gossip.

That busy schedule means that Joyful Noise is the first Gossip album in 3 years, following on from Music For Men. Ditto told the BBC that, "It sounds grown-up and sad." Or reading between the lines, the band have been persuaded that it is time to aim for a more mature market that doesn’t buy the histrionic punk-pop that used to be the Gossip speciality. "I love sad songs," Ditto insists. "They say so much. I love country music but even the happy songs sound really sad."

That rather makes you wonder why they have hired the Xenomania production team and Mark Ronson, better known for imparting a glitzy pop sheen to their productions than a maudlin, stripped-back country feel. Perhaps Gossip are keen to secure a slice of the lucrative dance-pop market.

"One of our most common bonds was that we both loved big voices, church voices," Ditto claimed. “"nd he loves country music, which is a big deal to me because, you know, in terms of things I love, country music is probably number one, then it's punk and hip-hop."

The album is released in May, coinciding with a Gossip show in London. They play at XOYO on May 15. The first single from the album is called Perfect World.

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