Diva greed?

At one time, singing sensation Joss Stone [real name Jocelyn Eve Stoker] was the talk of the music world. There was a mammoth bidding war between the majors to sign her. She was dubbed an international soul sensation. However, ever since her infamous faux American accent at the Brits 2007 things have a gone a little down hill. In fact, dare we even mention the ‘D*’ word, and we’re not talking about her home county Devon.

EMI won that battle and after months of grooming her they unleashed coffee table multi-selling album ‘The Soul Sessions.’ But with the release of her new album ‘Colour Me Free!’ she’s had troubles with the label. You can see why she’s keen to set-up on her own;

"It want my own label in the future” she told Contactmusic, “it's just so sad that we have to fight to be real. I've never let the record label use my body or full face on a record sleeve.”

"It's about my music, not my face or legs. I'm like all women: I don't think I have the perfect body. I'm a singer, not a model and I wish more musicians would think of that."

As they say Joss, ‘I want doesn’t always get’.


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