Dizzee's got the Flo

This is one Brit awards we can't wait for. Florence Welch and Dizzee Rascal are locking creative horns in the duet of the millenium. The darlings of Brit music will be performing a mash-up of dual tub-thumpers, 'You've Got The Love' and 'Dirtee Cash', called You Got The Dirtee Love, (see what they did there?)

'She’s amazing at what she does and always make me gasp – the number of times I’ve said: ‘F***ing hell’ when I see her on TV. That’s what we hope to do with our performance. Florence is kinda wild, but so am I. It will be about putting smiles on people's faces, pure entertainment,' says Dizzee. Florence on the other hand says she's only had 3 days of practice for the duet but is happy to wing it. That's our girl....

The Brit awards take place tomorrow February 16th at Earls Court. Florence leads the noms with nods for 'British Female Solo Artist', 'British Breakthrough Act' and 'Mastercard British Album' for Lungs while Dizzee is up for 'British Male Solo Artist' and 'Mastercard British Album' for Tongue N Cheek. Robbie Williams will close the show with a medley of 'hits' after being given the 'Outstanding Contribution to Music Award'. Yawn. Why not Dizzee and Flo to close...as well as open, and middle?

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