Dizze's working on it

Dizzee Rascal is one of those pop diamonds that just keeps on giving. Not only has his 2001 album Boy In Da Corner still not been topped by any grime artist for sheer dark merkage (although Wiley’s run him very close), he’s stepped out of that and refashioned himself as an out-and-out pop star. Truly he is the best of British.

So it’s with great joy that we reveal the news that he is already working on the follow up to his very recent album Tongue ‘N’ Cheek. There’s only one problem – the man is so busy that it won’t be released until next year. Bah. Still at least that means you can catch him on tour, where he will be putting his blinding live show out for the fans.

‘I've had my holidays. It's back to the grind again now – keep it moving,’ he said. ‘I've been in the studio today cooking up new tracks doing bits and bobs. Hopefully I'll have an album out next year but I'm touring a lot this year.’

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