Doherty the tortured artist part 94

A selection of Pete Doherty’s artworks has gone on display in London. Accompanying the drawings and paintings on show at the Cob Gallery in Camden is what can only be described as a collection of the troubled ex-Libertine’s childhood detritus.

Doherty rejected anything as prosaic as oils or water-colours for his paintings, preferring to use the medium of his own blood, a process he calls "arterial splatter". This means that they are necessarily limited in scope. Anything on a broad canvas would presumably be life-threatening.

To anyone with a cursory knowledge of Doherty’s lurching self-indulgence and the chubby-cheeked one’s insistence on regarding himself as a modern incarnation of a consumptive poet, the blood paintings might seem like just another slice of self-dramatisation.

The Cob Gallery curator Victoria Williams is more generous: "It's about breaking down the boundaries between yourself and your art," she said. "I don't think it's destructive, it's quite giving actually. It's certainly not about gore."

The ghoulish might be intrigued to know that one of the paintings features a contribution from the late Amy Winehouse. "She was on the phone to her dad when she did that," Doherty recalls. "She said, 'Dad, I'm with Pete and he's making me draw with my blood!' He didn't like me much, her dad." You wonder why.

An accompanying exhibition collects some of Doherty’s random possessions including posters, flags and a Subbuteo set. It’s described as "an Aladdin’s cave of belongings" although "some stuff that should be bagged up for the charity shop" might also cover it.

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