Doherty's Nazi blunder

While on tour Pete Doherty is always likely to kick up some sort of a fuss: whether it’s being drunk and abusive on a flight back to London, smashing up hotel rooms or getting himself into a drug-induced torpor, us cynical hacks are guaranteed at least one story. This time is no different, and although it hardly features high in the traditional rock ‘n’ roll stakes, singing the Nazi version of the German national anthem while playing at a festival in Munich counts as newsworthy, right?

Doherty, who himself is of Jewish descent, made the cock-up when playing at the On3 Festival in the city on Saturday night, singing a version of Das Deutschlandlied that has been banned since the end of the Second World War. It starts with the lyric ‘Deutschland, Deutschland über alles’ (‘Germany, Germany above all’) and was the sole verse sung during Hitler’s cuddly reign of terror. Oops.

After this monumental boob the London fop played five more songs before he was asked to leave the stage by the organisers. If only someone had a video of such an embarrassing event. Oh wait, we do.

‘(Pete) wanted to celebrate his appearance in Munich by assimilating and integrating with the crowd, something he tries do wherever he goes,’ said an apologetic Doherty spokesperson. ‘He was unaware of the controversy surrounding the German national anthem and he deeply apologises if he has caused any offense.’

‘Peter himself is from Jewish descent and has fought against racism and fascism with numerous organisations including Love Music Hate Racism. This is a subject he feels very strongly about.’

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