Domino Records Radio

Arctic Monkeys, Anna Calvi, Franz Ferdinand, The Fall and The Kills are just a handful of the awesome acts on the Domino Records roster. When it comes to signing new musical talent they are considered one of the best in the Britain, always following their taste rather than trends.

Today, Domino Records have announced a first for their roster, not a band but their very own radio station. Domino Radio will broadcast live on 87.7FM, showcasing many of the acts on their roster, with much of it being exclusive content from their label. Already confirmed to be a main contributor to the ‘pirate radio’ style station is Primal Scream’s Bobbie Gillespie, with more names TBA soon.

Talking to the Guardian, Domino Records co-founder Laurence Bell said; ‘It is important for us to keep pushing ourselves. We don't do these things to make money obviously. We do them because we want to contribute and because we enjoy representing creativity on different levels. It’ll be a cross between the John Peel Show, Radio Caroline and Rinse FM.’

Domino Radio will launch on June 6th. Watch the trailer below...

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