‘Doncamatic’ Music Video

As Oasis offshoot band Beady Eye premiere their new paint-by-numbers music video for debut track ‘Bring The Light’ Damon Albarn’s pet-project have released a vid for their current single ‘Doncamatic’. Although not as ground breaking and awe-inspiring as previous promos it really does showcase the opposite ends of the creative spectrum for the once great rivaled artists.

As we all know *yawn* Oasis and Blur went head to head in the battle of Britpop some 15 years ago but 15 years later it’s clear to see who has moved on, and who's churning out the usual predictable pastiches. ‘Doncamatic’ is the new single from Gorillaz and features guest vocals from Daley, who prominently stars in the new music video, as a submarine pilot. Sadly there’s a severe lack of Jamie Hewitt’s always awesome 2D animation to make the eye-balls water.

Watch it below...

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