Don't all rush at once

Some bands age well, others not so well, and some just seem like they belong in a particular era. Such a band, we reckon, is Blink-182. Their scatalogical skate-punk made sense in the late 1990s, when skating was cool, American Pie ruled the box office, and Jackass was yet to take the concept to its extreme.

Now, though, it's hard to know what the band - who are now, you know, old - have to offer. Well, we'll soon find out, for singer and bassist (a venerable combination: see Paul McCartney) Mark Hoppus says the band is readying a new album for release next year.

'There's still a long way to go before the album is done,' Hoppus wrote on his blog, according to the NME. 'But already it seems like the songs are both taking a step even further than we took on the last album, while also going back to the sound of some of the earlier albums.'

A step even further than their last album, eh? Hopefully things won't be too out there. May 2011 is the date to mark in your diary if you're excited...

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