Don’t be such a Sugababy

It's probably the oldest legal wrangle in the world of pop: who owns the copyright to a band name if all members of the original line up leave. Fleetwood Mac went through it, so did Pink Floyd - and everyone else wanting to seek some easy money in between.

The latest and much talked about group in a similar situ are The Sugababes. The popsicle trio formed in 1998 and since them have had a complete line up change even though they are still using the Sugababes name. Founding member Mutya Buena filed for ownership with the European Trademarks Authority but now the new band have fought back by bringing in their own heavies against Mutya and Universal Records – who also claim to own the name.

Whoever ends up winning the ownership of the Sugababes name outright is inconsequential - all of them will be winners in the end thanks to the free publicity it’s brought them over the years. It’s almost as if the whole thing was planned by Max Clifford, hang on...WHY I OUGHT TO *shakes fist*

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