Don't Call It A Supergroup

They've been at it longer than most, and over the years, veteran rockers REM have had their fair share of collaborations: they worked with the B-52s (fellow Atlanta, Georgia residents, fact fans), and more recently (and oddly) rapper Q-Tip. But, perhaps in a bid to kickstart a career many critics see as moribund, REM are piling on the guest stars for their next album.

First up there's Eddie Vedder, singer and creative 'force' behind lumpen grungers Pearl Jam. We're not quite sure what he'll bring to the table, frankly, but he has form, having once made an album with one Neil Young. Perhaps more promisingly, punk poetess Patti Smith is also involved, appearing on a song called 'Blue.'

Most odd - and potentially rather amazing of all, electro-sex performance artist Peaches - famous for her decade-old hit 'F*** The Pain Away' - is going to also be putting in an appearance. We don't know the name of the song she's on, but hilariously we know it has 'alligator' in the title. What will the full title be? 'Peaches and the alligator'? 'Alligator hater'? We'll have to wait until 2011 to find out.

The album - to be called, pretentiously, 'Collapse Into Now' - was apparently recorded in Berlin, Nashville and New Orleans. It basically all sounds like it's going to be the best thing since Pop-Tarts, or absolutely awful. And the way REM have been going the last few years, it's genuinely impossible to predict which.

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