(Don't) get closer

Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi sure is a shy one. The bashful singer has been touring the US recently in support of his solo record 'Go'. The gigs are, by all accounts, a 'theatrical,' big affair.

So his management thought it would be good to get him up close with fans, and booked him in for a few record store gigs, dubbing it the 'Get Closer' tour. And the first gig, in Los Angeles, seemed to go fine.

Except that apparently Jonsi found it 'the most uncomfortable experience of his ten years in the public eye.'

'Standing there nose-to-nose with fans in the cold light of day the other day in Origami Records, Los Angeles, he had the sudden and undeniable realisation that this is not the environment in which he flourishes.' said Jonsi's management in a statement on his website. Though the full tour is going on, the in-store dates have been cancelled. 'we are unwilling to put him in the line of fire again.'

Give Sigur Ros' records a listen and you'll instantly tell they're a sensitive bunch, so it sounds like meeting his public up close was just too much for poor Jonsi. But really, we remember when our rock stars were made of sterner stuff. What would Alice Cooper do?

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