Don't push them, they're close to The Edge

U2 guitarist The Edge has upset the Californian Nimbys in Malibu with his plans to build five houses on a local mountain, across 1,000 acres of seriously expensive land.

The rock star, who is called David by his mother, has annoyed residents who are convinced that he is going to ruin the local landscape, and generally act like a no-good rotter.

'I can presently see a view from my home, called the 'Queen's Necklace,' said concerned resident Scott Wilder. 'It shows areas of LA, from Santa Monica to LAX. The development will directly impede residents' existing views and impact the scenic drive through Latigo Canyon for the general public.'

Not only that, but all kinds of environmental concerns have been voiced, with locals complaining that they have seen local deer and foxes trapped in a massive trenches, the size of three football pitches. 'He's not walking the walk of an environmentalist,' said local Jim Smith. Damn straight, now let's ban U2's album from release.

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