Dr Pepper honour 'Chinese Democracy' pledge

When drinks giant Dr Pepper said they would give every American a free can of their sugary pop if Guns n Roses released their overdue album ‘Chinese Democracy’ in 2008 - they must have thought it was a brilliant free means of publicity.

Well now that G’n’f-ing‘R have confirmed their 14 years-in-the-making album will be out on 23rd November in the US (24th November in the UK) Dr Pepper have confirmed that they will honour their generous pledge. Talking to BBC News, a spokesperson for Dr Pepper said:

”American fans that register at www.Drpepper.com within 24 hours of the album being released in the USA on November 23, will receive a voucher for a free can within six weeks”.

As part of the original pledge they also confirmed that former Guns n Roses members Slash and Buckethead would be excluded from the offer. They are said to be “devastated” by the news.

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