Dude, looks like he’s not leaving

Keep your long, greasy hair on fans of middle of the road Aerosmith rock Steven Tyler; he's used those big lips to tell the world he’s not leaving the band.

It had been reported over the last week that Tyler had left the soft rockers to concentrate on ‘brand Tyler’, but during a gig with Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry in New York last night, Tyler made a surprise appearance and cleared the matter up.

"I just want New York to know, I am not leaving Aerosmith," were the words that came through those famous smackers. He added, "and Joe Perry, you are a man of many colours but I, mother**ker, am the rainbow!"

Phew! Panic over! Watch Steven Tyler make the announcement at last night's gig here. Judging by the poor camera work this could be any old middle aged band playing a pub. No offense Aerosmith fans.

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