Dylan no dice

Paul Simon has revealed his disappointment after Bob Dylan never got back to him about a request to sing on Simon’s new record So Beautiful So What.

The sixties legend told told Uncut that he was pinning his hopes on Dylan making a contribution to the album's title track.

He said: ‘I thought Bob could sing, put a nice voice on the verse from 'So Beautiful or So What' that begins, 'Ain't it strange the way we're ignorant / How we seek out bad advice'.’

He added: ‘I thought it would be nice if he sang that, since his voice has become so weathered I thought he would sound like a sage. I sent it to him, but I didn't hear back. I don't know why.’

Despite the snub, Simon described Dylan as being ‘fun to be with’ – though he said the pair had never discussed songwriting with each other.

Simon's new solo effort So Beautiful or So What comes out on April 12.

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