Earplugs at the ready people!

Paris Hilton is undoubtedly one of the most talented, much loved, respected human beings on planet earth, a constant campaigner for the good,famed for always putting others first, and herself third, a real life modern day philanthropist. No! Hang on! We’re thinking of someone completely different. Sorry.

This Paris Hilton is a socialite who rose to prominence thanks to some wealthy hand outs from daddy, getting her beasts out for a sex tape and turning up to the opening a of a weeping abscess. She also had a rather lame attempt at a pop career, which would be easy to slag off, but her 2006 debut album 'Paris' but sold over two million copies and peaking at number six on the US Billboard chart she’s the one laughing all the way to... no, let's just laugh.

Posting on her Twitter feed the young Paris has hinted at a pop comeback saying; ‘went and visited Linda Perry at her studio. She is so cool and her studio is incredible! I respect her so much as a producer, what a talent!’

Lets hope she doesn’t suffer from the classic 'second album syndrome' and can’t finish it.

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