East 17 say F*** that!

Guess what, everybody! We’ve got another potential comeback on our hands! This time it’s 90s boyband East 17 (minus the unquestionable talent of Tony Mortimer) and they’re aaaaangry. Their new single – with the chart/radio/child-friendly title of F*** that – is an all-singing, probably all-dancing, all-rhyming attack on the record industry.

The song, which sounds like it’s been made on a children’s keyboard, hopes to put the guys back on the radar. What we love about it most is the unintentionally hilarious rhyming scheme. Yes, they rhyme ‘sodomised’ with not just ‘ride’ but ‘tied’ too. All in one phrase! Then comes ‘Singing other people’s s**t, making it a hit, it don’t fit’. Rhyming triplets? Who wudda thought!

However, with 35 uses of the f-word, airplay could be a problem. After censoring out these choice words, it sounds like the CD is skipping. If only it would.

In case you've forgotten exactly how bad but amusing this band was, check out our choice selection of shots from one of their early videos. They'd all gets ASBOs now for just leaving the house looking like that...
We’re more Bryan Ferry than Harvey here.

(Image: from YouTube)

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