East 17 to go on tour

In the history of boybands, few have been as straight up badass like East 17. Granted we’re talking about a genre of music that includes hard cases like Westlife and 911, but still, Walthamstow’s finest knew how to throw the dance moves that didn’t make them look like a group of complete fairies.

So fans will be delighted to know that the band are back and they’re going on tour; only this time they’re without lead singer Brian Harvey, drafting in Blair Dreelan – who was in some boyband called 4th Ba5e, whoever they were – to performed the vocals. They’re releasing a new single called ‘Secret of My Life’ in July and then hitting the road in the same month. You can check them out at the following venues:

  • Glasgow 02 ABC2 (July 15)
  • Sheffield 02 Academy (16)
  • Liverpool 02 Academy (17)
  • Birmingham 02 Academy (20)
  • Oxford 02 Academy (21)
  • Bristol 02 Academy (22)
  • London 02 Academy Islington (26)

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