Elbow premiere new album

The Mercury prize-winning group Elbow made a return to live performing on Wednesday night with an intimate show in Cambridge.

And the band weren’t shy of including material from new album Build A Rocket Boys! in their set, ahead of the big comeback gig at London’s O2 arena later this month, NME reports.

‘We played a television show the other night but apart from that this is the first time we've been on a stage in a long while,’ frontman Guy Garvey told the assembled throng. ‘We're going to play some new songs, some old songs and - yes - we are going to f*ck them up and forget some words. So it's a dry run. A trial run. Thanks very much for coming.’

And later, talking about the new material, Garvey explained: ‘The whole album is about home and youth and our past. It's kind of a prodigal son's return.’

A welcome return if the album’s anything near as good as the last one.

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