Elizabeth Fraser to play Meltdown

Feverish anticipation greeted the news that Cocteau Twins singer Elizabeth Fraser will make a rare appearance, performing live at the Royal Festival Hall in London in August.

Fraser has been persuaded out of retirement to perform at the Meltdown Festival by Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons. He is an adoring fan, and obviously adept at making all the right promises to the notoriously reticent singer.

"It doesn't take much from Antony," Fraser told The Guardian. "He's lovely. He just said 'Why don't you consider doing it? He knew I'd be very anxious. He knows I'm very shy, but I'm getting to know Antony and opening up to him. He thought it would be harder to convince me than it was."

The Cocteau Twins split in 1998, although their most powerful music was made in the 80s. Since the break-up Fraser has had little involvement in the music business, although she did provide the vocal for Massive Attack’s Teardrop, and performed some live shows with them in 2006 as a guest vocalist. Suggested reunions of the Cocteau Twins have always been met with resistance from Fraser.

At the Festival Hall, she will be singing new material, as well as Cocteau Twins songs. "The Cocteaus were a special thing," Fraser said, "and I've got more appreciation for it again because I've had to go back and listen to it. I'm just doing what I fancy trying out, and some of them might be slight reinterpretations of certain things. Because the new songs are so different, it's about making them all flow, and sound like they're coming from the same place."

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