Eminem launches attack on Mariah Carey

Eminem has launched a scathing attack on Mariah Carey in a new song called 'The Warning'. The track has been released online and deals with the rapper's alleged relationship with the R&B diva back in 2001.

The song appears to be in response to the video for Carey's latest song 'Obesession' in which she lampoons Eminem. However, the rapper has hit back hard if the lyrics of 'The Warning' are anything to go by.

Eminem threatens to post photos of the pair getting jiggy online as well as having a pop at Carey's new hubby Nick Cannon: "Enough dirt on you to murder you/This is what the f$%k I do/Mariah, it ever occur to you that I still have pictures?" Check out the videos for 'The Warning' and 'Obsession' below.

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