Eminem ‘Not Afraid’

You can’t overstate how great Eminem is; he has achieved musical greatness and changed the face of rap culture forever. To some, Eminem may simply be seen as a new and slightly improved model of Vanilla Ice but, having had three of the biggest records of all time with The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Matthers LP and The Eminem Show he’s now a real life icon of the modern era, a 21st century Shakespeare for the hip hop generation and living proof that rags to riches stories do happen if you try hard enough.

Eminem’s 7th studio album ‘Recovery’ is released in June and the first cut from it ‘Not Afraid’ snuck its way onto the internet yesterday. It was due to make its debut on his own radio show ‘Shade 45’ on Sirius Satellite Radio but was found clogging up music blogs throughout cyberspace before he could press play.

Once again, the lyrics draw on his own experience of beating drug addiction and rehabilitation. It's been described by his manager Paul Rosenberg as Eminem’s ‘most uplifting’ song yet. It may be that, but it's most definitely also his catchiest chorus yet: ‘I'm not afraid to take a stand / everybody, come take my hand / we'll walk this road together, through the storm / whatever weather... you're not alone / holler if you feel that you been down the same road'.

Listen to it here.

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