Eminem tells Zane Lowe all about small mickey

If you've got a tiny mickey and you're a rap star with a reputation for being virile and well hung, the last thing you'd want to do is tell the whole world your guilty secret.

Well seems since Eminem took a back seat from the limelight, he's more willing to talk honestly about things he previously would have lied about.

The godfather of rap turned devoted family man told Zane Lowe that his John Thomas leaves a lot to be desired in the size department. In his first sit down interview for 4 years, Eminem said: "I'm like if people could see how little my d**k is, the entire thing would just be out the window." Lucky he never took to getting it out on stage or his career may never have got off the ground.

Listen to the full interview at BBC Radio 1 then check out upcoming Eminem single 'I'm Having A Relapse' from new album 'Relapse,' out December

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