End of an Era

Every classic era of rock had its instrument. For the Sixties, it was the electric guitar; for the eighties, the synthesiser. But for the 1990s, the zenith of clubbing, it was the Technics turntable. We still remember when our brother got a set for his 18th, he was so excited, staying up all night mixing and scratching some headache-inducing jungle record.

Well, UK clubbing passed its peak years ago, with legendary venues like The End, Gatecrasher and Ministry of Sound all closed down (MoS lives on as a record label, but seems to mostly release pop compilations these days). And now, there's another sign the golden days of the superstar DJ are gone forever. Panasonic, owner of Technics, are reportedly ceasing production of their legendary turntables once and for all.

Now, look, it's been a long time coming, with even many old-school DJs mixing on computers now. But still, we'll shed a tear for the piece of musical kit that, more than any other, defined our youth.

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