End of the (long and winding) road

The Abbey Road studios, the site of some of Britain’s greatest pop triumphs, is to be put up for sale by record label EMI, according to the Financial Times.

The legendary studio in St John’s Wood, north London, where The Beatles recorded a huge number of the hits we still unselfconsciously sing along to over three decades later, is being offered to anyone who is willing to pay the cost (rumoured to be in the region of tens of millions) in an effort to decrease the debts of EMI’s owners, a venture capitalist group called Terra Firma, although as it stands it’s not clear whether the studio brand or the location is up for sale.

As well as being the home to The Beatles during their glory years, the likes of Oasis, Blur, Manic Street Preachers and many others besides have recorded there, and it’s for this reason (and the moneyed north London location) that sentimentality will bump the price up to a huge sum. Everyone’s a winner.

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