End of the Road for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez?

OMG… Like OMG… Justin Bieber may be like – TOTALLY like back on the market. OMGGGGGGGG

Yes boys and girls, that’s right. The pint sized pop prince himself has finally responded to claims that his relationship with Selena Gomez may be over.

The Baby singer spoke to radio host John Garabedian, and admitted during the interview: “I don’t know what’s going on in my life. I don’t know what to say. For people to even assess it doesn’t make sense, because I have not made any comment.”

Media speculates groundlessly – dear oh dear – whatever next?

There have been a number of clues recently that all was not well on the teen romance front. On Oct. 30, Bieber posted a photo on Instagram which was cunningly captioned with the word ‘Lingse’. In a show of code breaking skill that has Al Qaeda quaking in their boots, fans rapidly cracked the riddle to reveal the word ‘single’. But he deleted it. Most of his photos lately are of his pet Hamster, PAC, who is with him on tour. Should we be inferring anything from that.... who knows??

But sources close to the 18-year-old insist he hasn’t been stepping out on actress Selena, 20, and ‘is not involved with anyone else’. This is despite him trawling the catwalks at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, reportedly asking for phone numbers left and right and being snapped with model Barbara Palvin. You never know – that ‘Lingse’ caption may have been a doomed attempt to spell out lingerie. He did miss a fair bit of school becoming a pop sensation after all.

Both Bieber and Gomez are in New York at the moment – but separately , although it was reported that they met up on Sunday, before Justin went on to play in front of Jay Z and Selena was honoured by Glamour magazine. It does however look like the end. But just spare a thought for the hamster.

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