Enough already

People sure do retire early these days. Calvin Harris - whose real name, Wikipedia tells us, is Adam Wiles! - has announced he's done with performing live.

The Acceptable in the 80s star hasn't ruled out continuing to sing on his records, or touring as a DJ and with guest singers. But anyone wanting to go and see him sing, for example, 'Dance Wiv Me' with Dizzee Rascal in future is set to be disappointed.

'I've stopped the live shows,' the singer told an Australian newspaper, according to the NME. 'I'm not a singer, I'm not trained. Taking it onto the stage in front of people was terrifying. I got much, much better at it but I never lost the terror.'

Well, this seems like a mature decision for the man who once stage-invaded The X Factor wearing a pineapple on his head...

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