Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell has said that he considered changing his band’s name after the departure of guitarist Carl Dalemo and bassist Björn Agren earlier this year.

With Gus Robertson and Freddie Stitz coming in to replace the duo in January, and David 'Skully' Sullivan Kaplan only having replaced original sticksman Andy Burrows in 2009, it’s fair to say that there’s a pretty high turnover rate in Razorlight, with founding member Johnny Borrell being the only original member left.

We wonder why that might be. Nothing to do with the aforementioned Borrell’s monstrous ego surely. He told the News of the World: ‘I thought about changing our name from Razorlight. But we had two records that were slam-dunks, before the third one missed the target. I couldn't stand the thought of that miss being Razorlight's legacy.’

Meanwhile, he defended a publicity shot of the new group that covered new groun in the gormlessness stakes.

‘If people were laughing, then good! You shouldn't change what people ridicule you for, because in reality it's your strength.’

You just keep telling yourself that.

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