Exile On Your Street

If you're a lover of The Rolling Stones, their landmark albums and their live music then news doesn’t get much more exciting than this: according to their legendary axe-man Keith Richards there’s a good chance the seminal band will bring all three together.

In an interview to promote the reissue of their 1972 classic album ‘Exile On Main Street’ with Xfm’s Ian Camfield, Richard’s hinted that they could soon return to the live stage: ‘I have heard a rumour being passed around, but it's in the rumour area.’ No doubt before taking a puff on his fag he added: ‘I have heard the idea being mentioned in passing. Where there's smoke, there's fire, you know? That idea has occured a few years back, where tonight you do 'Let It Bleed'… it’s an idea that’s been around, but we haven't taken it by the horns yet’.

Of course if you hate The Rolling Stones and their ‘supposed’ landmark albums and their live music makes your ears bleed then this could be the worst news of your week.

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