Eye spy with my Beady Eye

Well if Noel Gallagher doesn’t pull his chubby little finger out soon, he’s in danger of being known as Noel Who? Noely G has said that he wants to focus on his home life and specifically being a proud pop to his hew sprog before he knuckles down and releases his any solo music.

Whilst Noel takes it easy, his younger brother Liam is going all guns blazing. As well as having a full time job doing 'designery' stuff for his popular fashion label Pretty Green, he’s churning out new music with post-Oasis incarnation Beady Eye. The debut album is due at the end of the month, the first single is already getting heavy airplay, various gigs around the world have sold out and now they’ve announced they’re to headline the Albert Hall.

The gig is part of the annual Teenage Cancer Trust concerts, curated by Roger Daltrey. The full line-up is...

  • Comedy evening with John Bishop and Kevin Bridges (March 21)
  • Squeeze, The Feeling (22)
  • Biffy Clyro (23)
  • Roger Daltrey (24)
  • Beady Eye (25)
  • Editors (26)
  • Tinie Tempah (27)

Tickets go on sale on Friday 11th Feb at 9am. For further details go to teenagecancertrust.org/.

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