F*** You I Won’t Do What You Tell Me

This Sunday we’ll find out what song will be the official Christmas number one for 2009, and unless you’ve been under a rock for the last week you’ll know it’s a two horse race between X-Factor champ Joe McElderry and his tame effort ‘The Climb’ and Rage Against The Machine’s early 90’s rap metal monster ‘Killing In The Name Of’.

To help boost what looks like essential sales Rage Against The Machine have got personally behind a campaign started by anti-X-Factor fans to make their song Christmas number one, by appearing live on the BBC Radio 5Live Breakfast show. What starts off an articulate interview (look and learn Joe) with a righteous cause soon has producers and presenters Nicky Campbell & Shelagh Fogarty profusely apologies to its listeners.

Remember people, swearing isn’t big and it isn’t clever, but is fucking funny. Listen to it here.


FYI. On last count RATM are beating Joe by 60,000 sales.

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