Facebook launches new music streaming service

Facebook has launched a new music streaming initiative, which features loads of music streaming sites, and which they presumably hope will distract everyone form the dog's breakfast they have made of their site.

The big players involved in the new scheme, which will give users access to over 15 million songs, include Spotify, Rhapsody, Soundcloud, Earbits, Vevo, Slacker Radio and Songza. The feature will allow users to see what tracks are trending on the site as well as allowing them to share music with friends. Best of all the service is free.

'You’ll now start seeing new music posts and play buttons all over your newsfeeds. Hit a play button and the music starts,' said Spotify founder Daniel Ek. 'Right there. Spotify fires up to give you a new soundtrack to your social life. Check out your new Music Dashboard and your real-time ticker to discover the music that’s trending with your friends.'

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