Facebook launching music site?

There are rumours out on the grapevine that Facebook is set to try its hand in the music game, with the company apparently due to launch their service at the F8 conference on 22 Spetember in San Francisco.

According to the LA Times the social networking behemoth will partner another online company – who is not yet known – who will host the music. It will be interesting if true; Facebook's software has been shocking for a very long time, so they had better pull their fingers out if they want people to take their music applications seriously – especially in the face of Last.fm and Spotify.

'I'm hearing from someone familiar with the plans that Facebook plans to launch its long-rumoured music service at the F8 conference on September 22,' said John Fortt, technology reporter for CNBC. 'Now, it seems likely that Facebook won't actually host the music, but will partner with others who do that.

'Facebook has not been negotiating to actually become a music retailer itself; instead, it may be creating an environment where third-party music services such as Pandora, Spotify, MOG and others can offer their wares.'

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