FACT top 20 albums of 2008

If you’re too cool for NME but not quite cool enough for ‘Sup, you could probably seek solace in Fact Magazine; especially if you've been lost in a poptastic ipod all year and lost track of the coolest acts around.

The fine folk at FACT have come to your rescue and produced their favourite albums of 2008 which is a veritable feast for your eyes (ears?).

The top 20 is comprised of a bunch of obscure, underground, interesting, and well, good bands' contributions to this years musical mélange. It’s worth having a look to broaden your musical horizons, but it’s also well put together by people who aren’t just trying to plug a load of rubbish that sell papers. Fact is free from record stores all over the country. Pick it up, memorise it, and sound like you know what you’re on about.

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