Fake Francis Rossi dupes Dover council

A crafty conman managed to dupe an entire town into believing that he was Francis Rossi, the ponytailed singer from Status Quo, leading to free dinners and limousine rides for nearly a year.

Metro reports that the fake Rossi convinced Dover council that he would play for free at a local festival and get his celebrity mates Paul McCartney and Brian May to come along and join him.

The councillors who tried to impress the imposter were made to look even more foolish after it became clear that the trickster didn't even have Rossi's trademark ponytail and he couldn't play the guitar.

Showing improvisational skills worthy of Michael Caine in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, the conman told people that "I can't grow my hair long any more. A fake one is stuck on three hours before a gig." What a legend.

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