Fancy a job?

Simon Cowell has said that he has been impressed by the online campaign against X-Factor winner Joe McElderry’s Christmas single The Climb, and has even offered John and Tracy Morter – the couple who organised it – jobs with his record company Syco. But will they sell out and wrap their hands around Cowell’s huge sack of cash?

The most important question that needs asking of them though, is why didn’t they choose something better to go against Cowell’s talent show pap, hmm? There’s no chance of that happening, that’s for damn sure.

‘I am genuinely impressed by the campaign they have run,' said the bad-trousered one to the Mirror. 'It has been a good campaign with no dirty tricks and without any funding. They have been passionate and worked hard. I offered them jobs at my record company. It could be in marketing or perhaps even running the company!

‘This is their first attempt at putting out a record and they got a Christmas Number One, so they have not done badly at all. I wanted them to come and work for us. I was deadly serious but they haven't taken me up on the offer.’

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