A brand new documentary about the fans former synth poppers turned stadium monsters Depeche Mode is being shown at a special London screening, and if you happen to be a fan and in the London area you can get your hands on tickets.

The flick, which is called The Posters Came From The Walls was jointly helmed by Nick Abrahams and Jeremy Deller, is being shown at Clapham Picturehouse in south London, and those who go will also be treated to a Q&A with the directors and some unnamed Special Guests. Fingers crossed they’re members of the band, not nutjob fans showing you their Dave Gahan tats. If you would like to go, check out ticket availability right here.

As a way of encouraging you to go and see it, why not take in the lovely excerpt we’ve lovingly pinched off YouTube? It would be flat out rude not to.

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