Fashion error

What do most celebrities think will bring them luck? Is it the plectrum from their first solo performance in a dusty pub near Little Witherington? Could it be a sheet of music autographed by their idol whose music sounds oh so similar to their own?

We can imagine for some top-selling musicians, it might be their first ever cheque, made so large because of the number of zeroes on it but according to one bodacious, rebel-leader in the pop-world, by the name of 'Ke$sha', luck comes in the form of reconstituted baby organs, Music-news reveals.

But just before you assume there is some strange voodoo/ritual magic background to this story, you should know that Mummy Ke$ha kept the organ, crushed it up and made into a necklace for her aspiring daughter. As you do.

Ke$ha revealed: 'My favourite keepsake is my placenta. My mom found in my basement, crushed it up, and made into a necklace that I wear every day to improve my psychic abilities.'

As well as testing her powers of clairvoyancy, the singer of teen-angst anthems 'Tik Tok' and 'Blow' also informed the world at large that she is a Golden Girls fan, seeing the aged foursome as some form of leading example of how to grow old (or in Ke$ha's case up) disgracefully:

''Golden Girls' is my favourite TV show. It's like 'Sex and the City' but in the golden years, and I love that all those old ladies talk about sex as much as I do.'

Talking about sex but possibly not on many dates, if you're still happen to be wearing your own human body parts-inspired jewelry.

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