FBI seize John Lennon documents

We all know that when the FBI want something, they get it. After decades of grinding the Mafia down to a shadow of its former self and chasing terrorists around the country, a weedy little memorabilia dealer isn’t going to be any hassle at all. So when you put something up for auction that they believe to be government property you’d better be prepared for their arrival.

Poor old Peter Seigel, co-owner of Gotta Have It! In New York City, had to watch the Feds take away one of his prized pieces – a set of John Lennon’s fingerprints – after they had inspected them and decided that they weren’t going to be put up for auction after all. Given that the minimum bid for them was to be $100,000 that’s a healthy old commission that the undercover boys have snatched away from Seigel. They now want to know how this document came to be out in the public domain.

‘This really has nothing to do with John Lennon per se,’ said FBI Agent James Margolin to the BBC. ‘It has to do with a government document.’ Yeah, but do you really trust ‘em, readers?

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